Charm in Demise


I have put together a compilation that explores the depths of the human figure. With hopes of analyzing and appreciating the balance of beauty in life and death. I have been challenging the limits I can take with graphite and encaustics to bring a whole new level of charm and curiosity within demise. My goal is to evoke emotion and wonder in my audience as well as self reflection.


Putting together my works for Charm in Demise was a two year project where I embraced who I am as an artist. Digging into my subconscience, I am still uncovering new depths to this story that I want to try to translate to my audience. 


Charm in Demise is a combination of my fascination with the human anatomy along side the beauty of snapdragon flowers and their mysterious skull like pods they leave behind after they have died. The balance of life and death as well as the charm I found between the two had to be explored. In bringing together loose graphite onto wood and encaustics, I hope my work provokes my audience enough to wander my nest I anticipate they find harmony with a sense of growth.